Eye Dropper v0.4.0 released

New and shiny Eye Dropper just hits Chrome Web Store.

New Features

  • History syncing between multiple browsers
  • Export your color history to CSV
  • Ask before clearing history
  • New faster color picker

Bug Fixes and Small Changes

  • Rewritten popup. Eye Dropper should load much faster now
  • Better messages when we can’t pick colors
  • Design changes in popup window
  • Removed flattr button

But I’m not stopping this time. Couple more long-awaited features should arrive in few weeks.

Eye Dropper v0.3.0 released

It has been long time since last update but I really don’t forgot about you. I finally find time to make some important update, do house cleaning and bug fixing and here we are, brand new and shining version of Eye Dropper is here.

  • new and more clear design
  • more info about picked color
  • new extension icon
  • live preview of colors selected from history or color picker
  • amazing new color picker from @bgrings
  • clearing history is now instant and leave you on same tab
  • new options page


  • manifest v2 (fixes #50)
  • high resolution icon for retina (fixes #51)
  • better color picker (fixes #42 and #47)

Dalton extension

There is new extension on Google chrome extensions gallery which is based on my Eye Dropper. Dalton is targeting on color identification and colorblind accessibility. I really like placing reminders on page and identifying color by names.

Dalton extension

Eye Dropper presentation at Google Developer Day Prague

I’ll have small talk about Eye Dropper extension at Google Developer Day 2010 in Prague on November 16th during presentation named Google Chrome Extensions by Paul Kinlan.

GDD 2010

Eye Dropper hits more than 32k users

A couple of days ago Eye Dropper extension hits its user #32.000 according to counter on chrome extension gallery.

I wrote this extension mainly for my personal needs because of lack of something like ColorZilla for Firefox and never expected that so many people find it useful.

So… there is brand new site which will be used as source of Eye Dropper news, changelogs and better help. Also I’m thinking about some sort of easier feedback form… Most of you just wrote your problems in comment at google extension gallery but it is hard for me to reply to you and for you to check if it is already fixed. I like to hear your tips because github issue page which was dedicated to this task is rarely used.