Changelogs for Eye Dropper. Old changelogs can be found on

Eye Dropper v0.2.6 released

After long time I finally find time to fix some bugs. And new features will come soon!

  • Support for shorthand hex colors – fixes #33
  • Possibility to reset keyboard shortcuts in options
  • Correct behaviour on image pages – fixes #32
  • Fix bug #31 – corner preview box using website colors sometime
  • Better badge icons and some icon polishing
  • Couple of fixes of some rare bugs
  • Update to new color picker (jPicker) version

As usual – if you find any bug or have some great idea for feature Eye Dropper should support, just fill new issue at github issue page.

Eye Dropper v0.2.5 released

This release is targeted to cleanup code and fix some long standing bugs.

This release brings you support for hotkeys (more shortcuts to come).

  • Shortcut for activate “Pick color from webpage”. – You have to enable it in options.
  • Change of keyboard shortcut handling
  • Fix issue #14 that sometime cause wrongly picking only black color after scrolling page.
  • Possiblity to support Eye Dropper development through Flattr.
  • Many cleanups

Eye Dropper v0.2.4 release

This new release bring different handling of picking color from webpage which will freeze webpage first and than allow you to pick. This small change is in great enhancement because it fixes many web page picking problems.

  • deactivate eye dropper while picking with right click (configurable in options) #25
  • freeze page before picking #24
  • fix frameset problems #21

I also added new welcome page so everybody will see it once after this upgrade. In future versions I’m planning to show it only on major upgrades. Feel free to leave me comment what you think about it.

Eye Dropper v0.2.3 released – info box

New minor version of Eye Dropper was just uploaded to chrome gallery.

  • Added new information box with hex and RGB values displayed when you choosing what to pick
  • Option to disable mouse color tooltip
  • Option to disable information box

Eye Dropper infobox

Eye Dropper v0.2.2 released

New release of Eye Dropper with small fixes and minor design changes was just uploaded to chrome extension gallery.

  • Fix storing of duplicate colors in history
  • Added possibility to change cursor style when picking color from webpage #22
  • Fixed displaying wrong cursor on links
  • Add borders around history colors so light colors are visible too
  • Small design changes on option page and popup